What is a Good Blender for Crushing Ice?

What is a Good Blender for Crushing Ice

Not all blenders can crush ice effectively, do they? Only a high-powered blender can do the task smoothly. Crushed ice can boost your frozen juices, margaritas, green smoothies, slushies, and cocktails. What is a good blender for crushing ice, by the way? And, what if you are looking for a good blender for crushing ice? … Read more

Pre Workout Juice Recipe | Pre Workout Smoothie

Pre Workout Juice Recipe

Summer is here, which means hiking, races, and biking are back. Smoothies are well-known for being high in fruit, but they can also be high in protein, veggies, and complex carbohydrates, those who exercise need that. Pre- and post-workout nutrition is vital for all athletes, experienced or new. It’s up to you what you eat … Read more

Is Kuving a Good Juicer? Let’s Explore It!

Is Kuving A Good Juicer

What is a kuving juicer? Or, Is Kuving a good juicer? Well. The Kuvings juicer gently pinches the elements storing all crucial nutrients & enzymes. These two things are most important to focus on during juicing. E.g-  Patented Large Feeding Tube which size is 76 mm. It can pack the whole ingredients. Such as – … Read more

Is a Ninja Bullet a Food Processor?

Is a ninja bullet a food processor

People now a days are getting confused between a blender and a food processor. So a question like is ninja bullet a food processor is quite common. Actually, there is quite a bit of difference between a blender and a food processor.  Though the blender and food processor do somewhat the same task, the food … Read more

How to Clean Juicer Parts – Proven Tips

How To Clean Juicer Parts

If you’ve been using a juicer for your health purposes, whether to lose weight, strengthen your immune system, or maintain a disease-free lifestyle, you enjoy the health advantages of juicing. However, many people loathe the chore because of the numerous obstacles that must be overcome when cleaning a juicer. Here I would like to share … Read more

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last – Best Solution!

How long does fresh juice last

To avoid consuming processed juice from the supermarket, we juice ourselves at home. Inexperienced juicers may question how long does fresh juice can last. This post will answer all of your questions about the juice’s health life, including where to store it and what to put it in. In addition, I’ll go through the best … Read more