Is Kuving a Good Juicer? Let’s Explore It!

What is a kuving juicer? Or, Is Kuving a good juicer? Well. The Kuvings juicer gently pinches the elements storing all crucial nutrients & enzymes. These two things are most important to focus on during juicing. E.g- 

Patented Large Feeding Tube which size is 76 mm. It can pack the whole ingredients. Such as – whole Apple, whole Orange, whole Kiwi, etc. To load a full and big amount of food to get juice this tube is enough in size.

Patented JMCS Technology for the ensured ultimate result. By using this you can get a large amount of juice. At Least 10 % extra juice you can get. While any other Cold Press Juicer can not. 

Kuvings works in total slow juicers for juicing. The appliances (machines) have a very decent nourishing channel. The most common cold press juice extractors openings are 1-inch or 2-inch. These two lines are for keeping fruits and veggies. 

That’s a case for some who don’t expect to waste a lot of time mincing elicit into easy pieces. So, you especially need a kuving slow juicer. This brand presents the best juicing machines. Even the cleaning process of a kuving juicer is effortless. 

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The whole process will finish between 2-5 minutes. That is why it is quite simple for juicing. Also, you can get with this juicer environment-friendly, natural cleaning substance, and materials. So, enjoy a fresh, safe, clean, and delicious juice.

Even though it has slow dangling masticating technology.While others have centrifugal. Kuvings silent slow juice mixtures can operate efficiently. It contains cold-pressed components and prepares 100% natural beverages, juices, and smoothies.

It can be used to make nut milk juice. To learn more, scroll down the text. We explain with Kuvings juicers, features, highlights, benefits, and limitations. Some faqs to clarify your doubt. Let’s check it out.

Is Kuving A Good Juicer- Explanation:

Is Kuving A Good Juicer- Explanation

A few months ago, I purchased a Kuvings slow juicer. This one is the best accessory for me. It has many plus points to tell. What you will be informed one after one in the below parts.

If you’re seeking a precise, reliable, and durable whole slow juicer, Kuvings is one of the best trademarks among multiple brands. The 3-inch nurturing tube will protect you a meaningful quantity of time setting up your crop. 

The juicers with a tube that big is an excellent celery juicer. This machine looks terrific for preparing fresh juices. In the juicing world, this 3 inches wide tube is becoming a trend now. 

But the fact is,Kuvings launched this valuable trait. They have the upper hand in words of technology and creation. So, their products are also great to use, handle and operate. This makes juicing lenient to consumers.

To buy a kuving juicer you need to follow some trips. First of all, follow the guides of the products. Then you can proceed to read the full review of each Kuvings Slow Juicer. This will be possible by clicking the links in the juicer as hyperlinks or external links. 

Otherwise, you can go on analyzing all your alternatives in the search bar. But this may be a lengthy and boring process for you.

In every product review, you can get a summary. And a summary or short description will help you to find out the best living juicer in a few minutes.

So without further delay, grant me information about some of the Kuvings Juicers. According to my search, they are the very best juice machines. Check-in below to know the top 5 juicers on our list.

Top 5 Kuvings Juicer:

  1. Best Overall Juicer- The Kuving Whole Slow Series EV0820 Juicer.
  2. Best Valuable Juice Machine- Kuving Whole Slow Series B600 Juicer 
  3. Best Premium To Purchase- Kuving Chef Commercial Whole Slow Juicer.
  4. Best Reliable & Durable- Kuving C7000 Whole Slow Juicer.
  5. Best Environment Friendly- Kuving Slow SC Series Silent Vertical Juicer.

For you, we have further suggestions. The Kuvings C700S slow juicer is our beloved example. For its massive feeding chute. It can be accessed with the operation. very easy to clean. 

The next Kuvings NJE-3570U juicer arrives with a lot of additions for various yields. So, people can enjoy healthy and fresh juicing benefits from it handily.

Our third referral for you is the Kuvings NJ-9500U centrifugal juicer.  It can procure value for individuals who don’t wish to jump for a masticating juicer. But a slow juicer is more beneficial than a high-speed juicer.

In the end, the Kuvings B6000SJuicer Is the best in our suggestions. cause, it is hard to clean.

Features Of Kuving Juicer:

  • Dishwasher Safe & easy to clean.
  • Protect more nutrients and food value than another juicer.
  • Not too much to buy but affordable with a very reasonable price with extraordinary benefits.
  • Maximum is duel speeds. having a twin-speed system.
  • Large juice container to save space.
  • Friendly for both commercial and home use.


  1. Most are vertical slow juicers.
  2. 3-inch feed tubes or Extra-large feeding tubes.
  3. Cleaning tools with package packages.
  4. Powerful and efficient.
  5. Versatile, stable, and environment are friendly.
  6. A few have seven nozzles for food processing and juicing
  7. The stainless steel juicing screen protects the lifetime.
  8. Dual-speed Higher and lower to adjust according to food and beverages.


  1. Sometimes not great with leafy greens.
  2. Some have an auger Problem.
  3. a few have less power.
  4. Some are heavy, hard to clean, and less durable.

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Why is Kuving Slow Juicer Best?

Why is Kuving Slow Juicer The Best

A kuving slow juicer is the best juicer. Because it can fulfill your demand. If you have a single piece of Kuvings juice you can use it to make juice. Not only juicing but also food processing is possible through this.

To get a healthy and non-risky diet one piece of kuving juicer will be your best stuff. In the above part, I narrated the feature advantages of kuving juicer. Hope you will learn why this is the best trending juicer.

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Is Kubing a good brand?

Answer: Yes, Kuvings is a well-known, famous, and popular brand in the world. For juicing, this brand is one of the best. To confirm, long-lasting, efficient, powerful, stable, and reliable model you can search for a kuving juicer.

Where are Kuving juicers made? 

Answer: In origin, Kuvings Juicers are prepared in South Korea. And they have been generating juicers in their factory for over 40 years. They offer 20 years of verification on the motor. 5 years warranty on the parts & accessories for domestic use. 

But 12 months for those users who purchase for commercial purposes. Like Korea, nowadays, Batman, Australia, and other countries manufacture kuving juices for their business.

How much is the living juicer?

Answer: It depends on the quality and materials used in the juicer. But, most juicers are affordable to customers. They can purchase it within a reasonable budget. Don’t panic. The price started from less than 100$.

Kuvingvs Hestia, which is better?

Answer: Both are best for their features. But some specific cases differ in their levels and quality. 

A Kuvings juicer has three bolts and 15 amps pinpoint. Similar to an oven.but a Hestia functions with any tiny two pins like a phone charger. Which can be used anywhere. Still, it has a longer wire than kuvings. 

While the thick windpipe is 2 inches big in Kuvings juicer. But it is half in Hestia. Which renders waste out stuck of solid grains easily. So, in some cases, kuving juicer is the best over Hestia juicer.


To relax and clear the conflict we are serving. For this, we tried to answer the query – is kuving the best juicer. Many features with detailed info and criteria we collected from different customer reviews, manufacturer information, and the web. So that we can inform you of the best knowledge on this.

Not only that, I have been using a kuving juicer for a few months. I found this best appliance in my kitchen. If you talk about its outlines, popularity, trademarks, trends you can get your desirable answer. All of this category is fulfilled by kuving juicer.

In the marketplace Kuvings masticating and whole slow juicer shows their excellent capacity. It consists of a protected cover, absolute storage, and versatility with dual speed. You can use one which you prefer. But to keep nutrition balanced, you should use a slower speed juicer.

Kuvings slow and higher both juicer are good. But, very good or in the best condition is kuving slow activating or kuvings whole slow juicer. If you talk about its function, you can get an easy installation process. Easy to manage and clean.

So, kuvings juicers are best for use. No doubt or confusion. Just take a trial and feel the reality inside the kuving juicer. We tried to explain our ethical knowledge with a vast amount of research. Hope you will benefit from this. Stay blessed with it.

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