Ninja 770 Blender Review – Why Should You Choose it?

A standard quality blender in your kitchen makes your food preparing experience better. If you are searching for a good blender for personal use, this Ninja 770 blender review is for you. This 1500-watt blender is a good choice for your kitchen.

It helps you to save your time in the kitchen. But you cannot use it to make hot soup. The nice-looking blender is easy to clean. However, we will try to provide you with all the necessary information about this kitchen appliance.

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About the Ninja BL770 Blender

When you are quickly making your favorite dessert or smoothies in your kitchen, it will be a better experience for you. To make your work easier, keep a Ninja Mega Kitchen System beside you.

This blender shows excellent performance to make your nutrient smoothies purees in desired consistency. Test the tool personally and explore the quality.

The professional-grade kitchen tool comes with a simple look, is easy to control, and is professional for your kitchen. However, let’s see the best features of this blender. It will answer why you purchased the Ninja 770 blender.

Design and quality

The Ninja Food Processor comes with one main jar with additional two jars for different blending consistency. They are made of safe plastic. BPA-free thick plastic is used here. You can control the blender with a straightforward control panel.

Now consider the blades. They are durable, sharp, and unique. Even the blades are so sharp that they can be dangerous for you. However, the blades are not removable. The control panel contains six buttons for different blending purposes. You can blend your ingredients at four different speeds.

For single-serve, this blender is a great one.


The dimension of this Ninja professional blender is 17.9 x 8.3 x 9.4 inches. And the weight is 4.1 kg. So, you can store this one easily in your kitchen. The capacity of the main blender pitcher is 72 oz. You can wash it with a dishwasher. So, it is easy to maintain. Besides, you can serve the smoothies or juice from the jar.


Though the blender cannot show you very high speed, you can do maximum blending smoothly. 

This machine comes with Turbo Mode. You can put the tool on a dishtowel to minimize the vibration. Total crushing technology allows you to crush ices finely to make a creamy frozen drink.

Though it has no speed dial, the control panel is praiseworthy. You can control the speed to medium, high, low speeds. So, you can make the dough, smoothies, drinks, purees, etc., easily with it. A single service function is perfect for making food for a single person.

Food processing capacity

The food processor bowl measurement is 8-cup. In it, you can perfectly chop food or make dough within a short time. The maximum liquid capacity is 64-oz.

Nutri Ninja cups

The blender has two cups with To-Go lids for making nutrient-rich drinks. The capacity of the nutri ninja cup is 16-oz.

Recipe inspiration guide

It is a fantastic thing that you are going to get a recipe inspiration guide with Ninja 770 blender. With the help of this book, you can easily prepare delicious smoothies, drinks, and many other items.

Easy to clean

This Ninja 770 blender review already knows that the jars are dishwasher safe. So, it makes the cleaning process more manageable. You can keep the parts at any place of the dishwasher to clean. But be careful about the lids blades. Keep them on the top side because of their safety.

Besides, you can use soapy water to clean it. For this, take the water into the jar and press the pulse button. Then rinse it with clean water.

But be careful about the motor because it is an electric component. Besides, clean the blades carefully.

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Why do You Like the Ninja 770 Blender?

From the previous discussion, it is almost known to you why this kitchen tool is a recommended one. It is not only your blender; it is also a food processor for you. Using this blender is hustle free and also cost-effective.

So, you can try this tool for your everyday life for a good kitchen performance.

  • Classic look
  • Ready to perform different tasks
  • Enough capacity
  • Three different speed controls
  • 1500 watt motor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Little bit noisy
  • Not suitable for making hot soup


Is Ninja 770 blender a good one for the kitchen?

Ans: Yes, this one is a newer version of Ninja blender that is affordable but ensures the best quality. You can call it the best Ninja blender or one of the best Ninja nutribullet blenders or nutri Ninja blender.

Can I prepare hot soup with it?

Ans: You can blend the ingredients of your soup. But you cannot make hot soup in the jar.

Is it easy to set up?

Ans: The setup is straightforward for Ninja 770 blender. You can easily understand the positioning and keep the jar in the correct position. However, you can take the help of the assembly sheet.


Ninja 770 Blender is an affordable and good choice for a person. Keep this classic and powerful kitchen tool beside you if you are looking for a quality kitchen appliance to make your summertime desserts, healthy smoothies, or pizza dough or almond butter.

We try to provide you with all features and limits of the tool. So, now the decision is yours. I hope this one will ensure you a good user experience.

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