Which is the Best Blender Food Processor Combo – Easy Guide 2023

As a homemaker, every person wants to decorate their home kitchen. In the kitchen, you can keep so many best electronic and non-electronic appliances. One of the best kitchen components is the Best Blender Food Processor Combo. This item can help us to lead a smart and easy life.

We have tested many blenders. Among them, we found a Ninja Blender Food Processor for you. This is one of the best additions. Besides, there are Cuisinart, Vitamix, Breville, etc.

We selected Ninja blender as the best one by lab test and experts analysis. Even we took a trial of this blender practically. Why do we find this one as the best referral described below? 

To know more you have to swipe up the content. Gradually you will learn details in ninja blenders. Also informed top 10 blender combo sets. And the difference between compartments.

Moreover, you will realize the use of blenders capacity and system in kitchen space. For your clarification, we also organize some important frequently asked questions. And with a clear summary, we ended this caption. Check-in details now.

The Best Blenders Food Processor Combo We Tested

Best Blenders Food Processor Combo

From the top 10, our best selection is- Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Food Processor is the best version we tried. This is best for its –

  • High-speed quality.
  • Highest blending power. 
  • Largest safety features.
  • Perfect durability and stability.
  • Easy to clean & handle.
  • Less noise level.

The cutter pattern is the rarest among all the models we assessed. Its dimension is 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches with 9.2 pounds weight. Contains 4 delicate speeds to crust smoothies well.

This ninja blender is versatile, special for single-serve food processors. You can make drinks with these drinks, juices, dips, doughs, and smoothies.

The BPA-free bowl has a useful pour-spout, big for assisting smoothies and icy glasses. Washing out its lids, handle, blade in warm and soap water by hand. Because this is a dishwasher-safe blender.

The 1,500-watt motor is effective, though right on the wilder side. As a bonus in blending time, you can roll the pot, lid, and blade combo in the dishwasher.

Which are the Best Blenders Food Processor Combo?

Which are the Best Blenders Food Processor Combo

We are always searching for the top pic for you. To do this we maintain dome categories. Budget, review, features, experts consultation, ranking, etc. According to our research and test, the top 10 best blenders/food processors are-

  1. Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System: Narrated in the above heading.
  2. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor 9-Cup Blender: Best overall in 2021.
  3. Cuisinart Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor: Best fit dicing.
  4. Breville 12 Cups Sous Chef Blender: The best premium food processor.
  5. NinjaProfessional Plus Blender With Auto IQ: The best food processor combo set.
  6. Cuisinart 14 Cups Food Processor: Best for large food processors.
  7. Magic Bullet Food Processors: Best blenders for Small kitchens.
  8. Kitchenaid 9 Cups Blender: The best compact food processor.
  9. Oster Blender | Pro 1200: The best cheapest rate food processor.
  10. TOKIT Omni Cook Robot All-in-1 Food Processor: The best and smartest food processor.

How The Ninja Blender Food Processor Combo protects space?

How The Ninja Blender Food Processor Combo protects space

The best ninja blender saves kitchen space. This is a multipurpose food processor. Its function is universal. Its smoothie container fits on the base. This combo set is secure with auto IQ systems, the corresponding process will arise on the interface.

Pros of a Ninja Blender:

  1. More compartments
  2. Prepared from BPA-free materials
  3. Powerful motor
  4. User receptive
  5. Grinds beans & smoothie flawlessly
  6. Simple container assembly
  7. Comfortable grip
  8. Easy to use

Cons Of a Ninja Blender:

  • A little bit of loud noise in processing.

Ninja blender can blend frozen fruit and saves space with its ultra-functional features and container. At a time, you can choose different cups to put various smoothies. But instead of a blender if you use a manual blending device you have to need more kitchen space.

You will need separate tools to make separate items. But with a ninja blender, you can get multiple-in-one services. So, we can say a ninja blender will save space by its significant compartment.

What are the Differences Between Blender and Food Processor?

For both of these items, you can use only one for your kitchen. Whether you have a food processor or blender you can complete your task. Though these two appliances are functionally similar. But there are differences also.

The Main Difference Between Blender and Food Processor is?

The food processors are formulated to operate a broad diversity of food remedies. On the other hand, the blender is designed to chop and mix wet and dry foods.

Whatever, if you have missed a blender you can replace the blending task through a food processor. A blender does the equal job of spinning fruits and vegetables into a puree or mincing meat. 

But unfortunately, a blender cannot be used for rubbing dough. Which is a vital function of a food processor. A food processor is more multifunctional than a blender. But a blender works faster in speed while food processor speed is slower.

Benefits of a Blender

  • Major time saver.
  • Easy to clean after blending.
  • The process to mix more fiber foods.
  • Less wasteful and power saving.

Benefits of a Food Processor

  • Able to do multiple tasks.
  • To chop foods.
  • To blend and slice vegetables and food items.
  • Special for whisking, grinding, and pureeing.
  • Helps with mobility issues.

Hope the variation of both items is clear to you. You will also get the functions of the blender and food processor below.

How to Use a Blender & Food Processor System?

How to Use a Blender & Food Processor System

Though a food processor and blender can not be interchangeable. But they have some familiar functions. Here will describe blender and food process uses.

Uses of Blender:

  • To blend wet and dry foods.
  • To puree fruits.
  • To make vegetable smoothies.
  • To prepare the soup.
  • To mix foods and crush ice.

Steps to Use Blender:

  1. Plugin it.
  2. Grab the lid off.
  3. Seize the blender and set ice on the cup.
  4. Pour water up to necessary.
  5. Settle the top back to make sure it’s secure.
  6. Pinch the “auto smoothies” button.
  7. Blend and drop into a glass.
  8. Spill more into the sink & clean caches.
  9. Disconnect the blender and dry it.

Uses of a Food Processor:

  • To chop vegetables, onion, garlic & nuts.
  • Grind meat, paste, and salads.
  • Shred off and hard cheese and cabbage.
  • Slice potatoes, cucumber, etc.
  • Knead butter, bread, and dough, etc.

Step to Use Food Processor:

  1. Switch on and connect to the plug.
  2. Attach the jog to the base.
  3. Choose your blade.
  4. Fix the lid.
  5. Switch it on.
  6. Add ingredients.
  7. Watch the magic happen.
  8. Clean the elements.
  9. And disconnect the processor.


What is The System and Capacity of Best Ninja Blenders?

Answer: The best ninja blender has more than 1000 watts. A professional ninja blender finds 1200 what’s to 1500 watts motor power. But some have less. A ninja blender’s capacity is 72 ounces while liquid capacity is 64 ounces.  Some have less or more than 72 ounces.

The Ninja blender system is very easy to operate. It is adjustable with its capacity to give the best output. The plastic materials made by blender are functionally very good and suitable for home kitchens. 

When to Use a Blender or Food Processor in the Kitchen?

Answer: You need to collect both a food processor and blender in your kitchen. Though you can use a food processor in multiple works. If you want to get the facility of both you can purchase a ninja professional blender without a doubt. 

If you do not have a processor you can take advantage simply from blender but not for all tasks. 

Do, if you have proper capital and want the best service then you have to purchase both of them. Because these two items have some unique functions.

Is a Blender Food Processor Combo Worth It?

Answer: Still small tools seem to be overloading your kitchen, evaluate to have a combo matching. If you are looking to prepare smoothies or dicing vegetables a blender food processor will take both responsibilities. And also, save space instead of two different devices.


This is the moment to wrap up the test. We illustrated the best blender food processor. And tried to inform you about which blender or processor is good or best for you.

You know, if you get a multi prosperous device but can’t know how to handle it you won’t benefit.  That is why we mentioned the uses and steps of uses briefly for your concern.

Despite having a tremendous blender in Amazon. We found 10 are the peak products to give better feedback. And among these top 10, we put one in the number one. Because it carries at the same time blending and food processing outlines.

This is a Ninja Mega Mixer Blender Food Processor Combo and a space saver in the kitchen. To purchase this you will not pay too much. On an affordable budget, you can meet your dream accessories. Let’s make a deal.

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